One Of The Good Guys

Yesterday at work I was on a total war path. It’s funny (or not) the things that will set me off.

One thing is to be mean, rude, obnoxious, etc to one of my friends. Especially when that friend is super sweet and kind. This will set me off in two shakes of a rat’s ass.

One thing is to behave as though women are unintelligent second class citizens. The poor rat’s ass doesn’t even get to finish its first shake before I am through the roof homicidal.

Within one minute yesterday, both of those things had happened.

My sweet friend who answers all our calls was treated horribly by a customer. Said customer ended up hanging up on her. Said customer ended up calling back and insisted on talking to a man.


So she transferred him to our lead tech. Our super duper smart lead tech.

Lead tech knew exactly what the answer to the man’s question was. But super smart lead tech told him, “Sorry, but if you want the best person to answer your questions, you’re going to have to talk to Cristy.” That’s me. A woman. That was the nicest way that super smart lead tech could say FUCK YOU to the pigofaman caller. Send him to get his answers from a mere woman.

Super smart lead tech is one of the good guys. He is one of the guys who totally gets that women are smart. Women are capable. Women are not someone you can (or should) walk all over. Men like him are what the world needs to end the misogyny that has perpetrated so many injustices.

Don’t get me wrong. I am perfectly capable of standing up for myself. I am perfectly capable of answering hard questions in my line of work. I am perfectly capable of doing whatever I want to do. But we need the good guys to stand up, too. To stand up to other men and let them know that their behavior is unacceptable. To say by their actions that it is enough. To say that bad behavior (boys will be boys) won’t be tolerated.

We need more of the good guys. More super smart lead techs!

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