A Tid-Bit Wonky

I have been failing.



I’m having such a hard time getting motivated to do any sort of workout. This happens every single year when the powers that be take away my beloved Daylight Savings Time. It’s dark and gloomy by the time I get home from work, or shortly thereafter. It’s colder in the evenings. It’s colder in the mornings. I hate (let me re-phrase – HATE) working out indoors. It’s boring and mind numbing. I need scenery. And yet, even if I run outside after work, it’s dark and I can’t see the scenery.

Bottom line? I’m pretty much finding every excuse to not workout inside.

Monday I forced myself to go walk at the Mall. Yes. I’ve been reduced to being a mall walker.

Last night. Last night was frustrating. I bought a strength dvd that is specific to runners and thought it would be a good workout on my cross training days. It arrived November 1st. As of yesterday, it was still sitting in its shipping package – unopened. Last night it was pouring down rain with no end in sight so anything out doors was off the table. I needed something more than walking at the mall. So I opened the package that was destined to try and kill me.

I put the DVD in my computer. I didn’t have a program on my computer to run it. Turns out my CD slot is not a DVD player – it’s a CD player. Does anyone use CDs anymore?

I went downstairs and put the DVD in, well…the DVD player. Novel.

I got the TV to the proper input to recognize the DVD player.

No sound.

We have to press a button to switch the sound on the TV from the inside speakers to the outside speakers when we’re in the hot tub so I thought I had the wrong sound turned on, but I couldn’t hear anything coming from the outside speakers, either.

At this point, I felt like the right thing to do would be throw my hands up in the air, say FUCK IT, and go pour me a glass of wine. But about this point my husband got home from work. I asked him how in the hell did the sound work on this stupid DVD player.

He came downstairs and jacked around with it for half hour before he was able to get the sound working. By the time I had a workable workout video playing I had been home from work for almost an hour and a half!! So frustrating! But it was working, so now nobody is ever allowed to touch it again so the settings don’t get messed up. Not likely to happen since we enjoy watching TV while we sit in the hot tub.


Onward and upward!

This DVD. Oh my god, y’all!! It’s called Iron Strength for a reason. I won’t go into all the hell it put me through. Suffice it to say that my whole body – neck to knees – is in pain this morning. And I couldn’t even FINISH the whole workout!

I found out something when I was doing the workout. I’m lopsided. A couple of the sequences include one-legged stuff. Stand on one leg and do shoulder presses. Stand on the other leg and do curls. Stand on one leg and do toe touches. Stand on the other leg and do toe touches. My left leg is stable. My right leg is wobbly. That’s backwards. My right side is normally my dominant side. I have a lot of work to do to even out my wonky body. Not to mention getting rid of the 10 pounds I’ve put on so far this fall (since Labor Day). Good god! I’m a mess!


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