Life On The Farm

When you get an older dog (meaning not an 8 week old puppy like I normally get) there is a piece of their history that you will never know. You can speculate all you want but can never truly know what their life was like. Mack was five months old when I got him. He'd … Continue reading Life On The Farm


Today is the big day! Mack is seven months old, so he's a full month past when I normally get my dogs fixed, so it is time. Plus, he's been showing quite a bit of inclination to hump Luna's brains out. Her literal brains, not her figurative brains. She's still small enough to walk right … Continue reading What?????

At What Point

My brother posted a picture for Throw Back Thursday of some of my younger siblings taking a break with Dad after working all morning on a project. The picture made me smile. And then the comments that were posted just got me all weepy and missing him. It's been months since he died. Sometimes it … Continue reading At What Point