Big Shoes To Fill

When Jake died, I knew that I would eventually get another dog. I’ve been in love with the Bernese Mountain Dog breed since I first brought Jake home in 2003. They are the kindest, gentlest dogs I have ever come across. Not to mention that they are drop dead gorgeous!

I went back and forth between getting another Berner versus maybe bringing home a different XL dog. Perhaps one with short hair. I was intent on going the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog route because they’re so similar to the Berner in temperament, but they’ve got a short coat. I looked into Mastiffs. Rottweilers. Anatolians. But my heart kept coming back to the Berner. My fear in getting another one is that my expectations would be too high, based on my experience with Jake.

The heart wants what the heart wants. I just couldn’t convince myself that any other dog would do. My husband and I talked a lot about what we wanted to do and we began searching through breed rescue sites. Mark does business with a Mennonite farmer and when he was down there last week he was asking about when or if he would ever have a litter of pups. He said that he didn’t plan on having any puppies, but his daughter had two pups that she needed to find homes for. So Mark went to meet them. Mark was immediately smitten with this pup and called me to tell me that the dog really wanted to come home with him. He knew right away that this was the dog that needed to come home with us, but I wanted to meet him first. I needed to make sure that he could even come close to measuring up to Jake.

It was love at first sight and I brought him home. In the whole almost five days that I’ve had him, he has not disappointed. He is a laid back, sweet, snuggly puppy. At five months old, he is already 45 pounds. He’s a little more stubborn than Jake was, but he’s just as eager to please. This little boy has some pretty big shoes to fill. I think he’s off to a pretty good start.


As a point of reference, I’m 5’10” and have hands proportionate to the size of my frame.


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