Big Dogs Domain

I have been the big dog momma for a lot of years. Twelve, to be exact. I got Ellie and Jake four months apart. She was a beginning of February baby. He was an end of May baby. They grew up together. When she died a year and a half ago, I was certain that he would be gone within six months. As with everything else about Jake, he exceeded those expectations by a year.

Yesterday I said goodbye to my big boy. One of the greatest loves of my life. He forever changed me from a mild mannered pet owner to an over the top crazy dog lady. There was nothing about him that was bad. He was smart and easy to train. He listened to me. He was eager to please. If he thought for a moment he had disappointed me he was quick to make sure that I still loved him and had forgiven him. He was my great protector. He was my snuggly baby. He was my companion. There is a hole in my heart the size of Texas right now.

There will be other dogs that come into my life. This I know. But there will never be another dog who can live up to what Jake was. How would you like to be the next dog in my life and have to live up to those expectations? Poor boy, whoever and whenever he happens to be.

Goodbye, my love. I miss you already!

May 20, 2003 - June 25, 2015

May 20, 2003 – June 25, 2015

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