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Yoga With Cats

All the rage these days seems to be yoga with goats. Why goats? I have no earthly clue! They have sharp hooves. They're bouncy. They would cause pain. I have a better solution. Yoga with cats! Cats are soft and fluffy and cuddly. Cuddly, that is, if they're not trying to kill you. My Boots… Continue reading Yoga With Cats

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Conversations With Mara

I could probably make "conversations with Mara" into a series. That child. She is a talker! And she takes everything very literally. She's four. She doesn't quite understand sarcasm yet. Since she arrived she has been asking me what the grey kitty's name is. I keep telling her, "It's Smokey." Then she goes, "Hi, Smokey."… Continue reading Conversations With Mara


Newest Family Member

It might be obvious from my instagram feed, but I have a new family member. And he's freaking adorable!! Check him out!!!! I'm pretty much in love right now. It'll be nice when the big cats are also in love. That may take some time! Hey, Boots! Glad you've invaded my house.