The Longest Road

The first time I went out to my vet’s house (he’s an old country vet and runs his clinic from his farm) I followed the directions from his wife to a tee. Head down 50, hang a left, eventually the paved road turns to gravel and you just go two miles once you hit the gravel. You can’t miss the mailbox because it’s painted with pictures of horses. It took forever to get down a mere two miles worth of gravel road. There is something about an old country road that just seems to take longer than travelling on a modern day paved road. That first trip out I wondered if it was worth it to go there instead of the convenient, sterile, in-town clinic. It only took a few moments with the vet and his wife for me to realize it was going to be completely worth the travel time. Over the years, the time on the gravel road seemed to whiz by and it was never an inconvenience.

Today, that gravel road was the longest drive. Ellie’s life flashed before my eyes as I drove her one last time to see the vet. She was an amazing dog. I won’t go into details of the process of having a beloved pet put down. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’ll just say that as soon as I got home I pulled out the scrap book that I made shortly after I got her and snapped some pictures of the pages (since the pictures within those pages can’t be scanned). So instead of talking about the end, I’d rather share random pictures of my time with her. Because this is how I want to remember her. Not the way she was at the end. Enjoy (in no particular order):

Summer of 2010. Just hangin' out off the grid.

Summer of 2010. Just hangin’ out off the grid.

Doing what she loves...being the bed for Smokey.

Doing what she loves…being the bed for Smokey.

Peanut butter. NOTHING made her happier. She would lie there for hours cleaning out a recently emptied peanut butter container.

Peanut butter. NOTHING made her happier. She would lie there for hours cleaning out a recently emptied peanut butter container.


Muddy Ellie is muddy! This was after she’d been in the back yard during a rain storm.


Sticking her tongue out at me. RUDE!


Isn’t she beautiful???

20131125_155122 IMG_7343 new year 089 snowrunning07


I have to figure out how to rotate the pictures, so hopefully I’ll get that figured out. Otherwise, just cock your head to the side and pretend it’s an emoticon.

Edited – OK – pictures loaded the right way. I hope.

20131125_154908 20131125_154904 20131125_154844 20131125_154823 20131125_155142 20131125_155102 20131125_155056 20131125_155029 20131125_155019 20131125_154946 20131125_154934 20131125_154923

19 thoughts on “The Longest Road

  1. Worst. Blog buddy. EVER! I’m so sorry I missed this entirely. I lost my blog links when Google took them away. Anyway, it’s not about me and my spazziness. Just saw your pup pics on FB and you mentioned missing Ellie and I couldn’t imagine she was gone, but holy cow. VERY belated hugs to you!! I understand the pain you went through having to make that choice for her. You did the right thing releasing her from her pain. momma. I’m so sorry if I’m tearing open an old wound, but I wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you knowing you’re missing your beautiful girl. LOVED seeing the pics.

    • Aw, thanks. I know that you totally get it. Don’t worry about opening any wounds. I have nothing but happy thoughts. Accidentally finding those pictures the other day was a swift arrow to the heart, but after the initial gut punch, it was just smiles and I spent about an hour just going through old pictures of her. She was a great dog.

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  3. I loved seeing these pictures! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I have three:

    1. Smokey and Ellie
    2. Ann and Ellie
    3. Ellie running through the snow to get to you

    You were such a huge support to me after Cafe died in January. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Much love!


  4. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures. The cuteness was almost unbearable! The one of the 3 of you on the couch, it looks like Ellie is smiling. The picture of her with her new brother Jake made my ewww and awww out loud. Hugs to you during this time. I lost my big old girl in early September and I miss her so much. While my heart is still broken, I know I did the right thing, as did you.

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