Despicable Me

Do you ever have days where you just wonder what is wrong with you? I try to not do that very often but sometimes I really do wonder. I don’t let people get too close. I feel like I have a tendency to keep people at arm’s length. My husband is very social. We have our place off the grid where we have a big group of friends that we hang out with. They’re all good people, but none that I really have a strong connection with. But it gets me out and socializing and if it weren’t for that group I’d become a hermit. I swear I would! Just me and my camera.

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to hang out with our peeps. The couple that we bought our lots from were very good friends of our. We bought their lot when jobs took them to another state. His parents own a lot out there and we visit with them whenever they’re around. It helps us feel more connected to our friends who left. Over Memorial Day the mom was telling us that her husband wasn’t doing very well and that she didn’t expect him to last much longer. It was like foreshadowing and Mark got a call from our friend telling him that his step-dad had passed away. While it is sad, it wasn’t unexpected.

Mark and our friend discussed the funeral and it happened to fall on a day that Mark had to work out of town so they were going to let me know when the funeral was.


Not a word. They said they’d call me (or our mutual friend would call) and let me know a time. Nothing. Sunday came and went with no word.

Last night Mark got home from work and said that he’d received a call from the friends. The funeral got moved so it wasn’t held Sunday (weird). So instead of heading straight to St. Louis, they came into town. MY town. They stayed with our mutual friend. TWO BLOCKS AWAY! Two blocks! And not a word that they were two blocks away! Did I mention they were two blocks away without calling me? I asked Mark why they didn’t call us. He just shrugged. He didn’t know, either. I don’t get it. We used to be close. Granted it’s been three years since they’ve been gone. But still. If I moved away and came back to town for a visit I would totally call the people that I used to hang out with. The people that we spent every Friday night with for Game Night. The people that we spent every Wednesday and Thursday night with for volleyball. It’s not like we were all just casual acquaintances. We were a bona fide six pack.

You know the really weird thing? Our mutual friend (whose house they were crashed at) was bitching and moaning to Mark that they always stay at his place when they come to town. DUDE! I would happily have them stay at my house and he’s bitching and moaning about the inconvenience.

I just don’t get it. I guess it’s not worth my aggravation. It’s one of those things that I have no control over, and the advice that I always give others is “if you have no control over it, let it go.” But, man. It stings a little.

4 thoughts on “Despicable Me

  1. I’m going to chalk it up to them being in mourning and not thinking straight. You’re a great friend, (and probably an even better one IRL!) and I’m sure it was an oversight. Sometimes we just get stuck in a spot and don’t see anything outside of the small view we have.

    • I know you are totally right! She stopped by my work this morning. They went straight to their house (which they’ve been renting since they moved). The renters TRASHED it. 20k worth of damage. Yikes!

      I know I completely over-reacted and got into this poor poor pitiful me mentality and I know better. Why am I an idiot? 🙂

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