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I feel the need to recant since I was on a major pity party last night.

This morning I was sitting at work and who should walk through the door, but my friend who moved away years ago. They stopped by their house (they rented their house out when they moved away) and found out that their renters had totally trashed it. They’re figuring about $20,000.00 worth of damage to their home.

Who feels like an asshole now????

I knew there was a logical explanation for why there was no contact. So of course, me with my overactive guilty conscience, I feel HORRIBLE for it always being about me! They have been through so much stress. To start their trip off, they got distracted visiting with each other while they were driving and ended up going about two hours out of their way. Then they got here and went straight to their house (where they had planned on staying the night) and found it in total disrepair. Holes in the walls. Cabinet doors broken off the hinges. Stove top with a HUGE hole in it. Water damage everywhere. Grass hadn’t been cut for who knows how long.

We went out to dinner with them tonight. It was just like old times. I miss them something fierce. Since they left, we really haven’t had a group of friends we’ve hung out with on a regular basis and I miss it.

So, no more whining and feeling sorry for myself. It’s not always about me. Sometimes other people have shit that they’re dealing with.

Lesson learned.

Moving along now!

2 thoughts on “Recant”

  1. Regardless of WHY they didn’t call you, you can still feel hurt over it you know 🙂 Your feelings are valid, even if you didn’t have all the information at the time.

    And I’m SO glad you were able to visit with them like they had never left 🙂

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