It Takes A Lot

What takes a lot? This takes a lot: A LOT of work to keep the grey away! Some days it sucks to grow old. Although, my dad was completely grey by the time he was 30 so "old" doesn't always have anything to do with it. Thanks a lot, Dad! So now...I just get to … Continue reading It Takes A Lot

Meatless Monday

Don't worry. I'm not going to regale you with a weekly Meatless Monday post. But today I tried a new recipe and it didn't seem right to not share it with you. In my quest to get back into shape I've been trying to find interesting ways to eat and maybe expand my horizons. I … Continue reading Meatless Monday

Easy Button

You know how I sometimes complain about, well...just stuff? Anything and everything? It's not hard for me to fly into a snit and want to throw a computer against a wall or something. But is good. It's easy. I have a couple big things that I worry about. Things that are legitimate, worryable (yes, … Continue reading Easy Button