Momma’s Goin’ Postal!

Pardon me while I vent for awhile.

I make my share of mistakes when I write. Typos. Grammatical errors. Poorly structured sentences. We all do. For the most part, though, I’m fairly well put together when I communicate, whether it be of the written or oral variety. I don’t sound like a dumb ass! I try to be tolerant of others’ errors because we all have our strengths and weaknesses. But today?

TODAY! Holy Hell, did today ever try my patience. It didn’t try my patients because I don’t have any. For that matter, I may not have much patience, either. In a work environment I feel that it is essential to have good verbal and written skills. Here are some of the infractions of the day. HOLLA if you’re on board with my feelings. BOO if you think I’m just being a bitch!


That word makes me so stabby! “Regardless” is already saying that it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to say, it’s going to be THIS WAY! It’s already stating a negative in a way. There is no way to make it any more “IR” than it already is! For fuck’s sake, quit saying that word!


This was written to me today. I was on a web-conference helping test a system and made a snarky comment (shocking, I know) and the guy I was teaching the beauty of sharing his desktop wrote that sentence for me. He was down the hall in another office and I was at my desk. I said very loudly into my phone, “WHY – OH – YOU – APOSTROPHE – ARE – EE is the way that should be spelled. Why can’t anyone around here get that correct!?” So he drew on his desktop a picture of an ogre and wrote my name underneath it. Cute.


… is not a word!!! Even as I type it, I get a red, squiggly line underneath it indicating that it is an error! Whenever somebody says that I want to draw a red, squiggly line directly under their mouth! And not do it gently!

Those were the top three on my list. This does not even count the thousand other little things that cropped up to irritate me. I swear to the mother of Johnny Depp that I’m going to start sneaking rum into work to put in my coffee! Otherwise, I’m going to lose my shit!


/end rant

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