Fifteen Weeks

Melissa sent me this today:   Along with the picture that she texted me, she forwarded me an email. She signed up on this website to receive weekly emails on the development of the baby. This is the email that she sent: Since you love being involved and I love sharing with you, this is … Continue reading Fifteen Weeks


So, you know how the whole exercise/weight loss thing can be, right? As in *it totally sucks the life out of me.* I don't feel like I'm making progress and it gets frustrating. Well, it's time for my monthly (or more like -sixweekly- measurement taking ritual, which I always look forward to (insert eye roll). … Continue reading Updates


Some will know what this is. Some won't. It doesn't matter. But if you could spare prayers for a friend of mine, she can sure use them right now. My heart is breaking for a family this evening.

Lap Dogs

What is it about a good workout that just makes everything seem a little brighter? At least, that's the way it works for me. My legs are feeling a little noodly at the moment. And my arms are shaking a little as I type, but it's one of those good kinds of shaky. I did … Continue reading Lap Dogs

Blast From The Past

Years ago my family had a girls' weekend in Orlando to run in the Disney Princess 5k. It was a blast. I was feeling rather nostalgic and missing my family so I spent the evening going through pictures from that trip. This one made me laugh right out loud and I had to share.