Can You Keep A Secret?

Do you find it awesome that I have a secret I want to share so I’m putting it onto the world wide web? I’m subtle like that!

I got this text from my daughter last week and have waited to post it here until it became official.

mels test

Yup. It’s a positive pregnancy test. I’m going to get another grandchild. I know that one of my brothers reads my blog and he’ll just have to keep it quiet until my daughter makes the official announcement to the family.

As I mentioned the other day that my cruise plans were probably going to be hosed…well, they are definitely hosed. There will be no cruise for me this year since I’ll be purchasing tickets to HAWAII!! Cry me a river, right? Do you know that tickets to Hawaii are MORE than it costs to go on a cruise? It’s ridiculous.

My daughter is so freaking excited to be pregnant. She has wanted a baby for years but her and her husband decided to wait for a while. They finally decided to go for it and it didn’t take them very long. She hadn’t been to the doctor yet when she sent me the picture of the positive test and had to wait over a weekend to go. She could hardly stand it and we spent a lot of time texting. She asked me if she should just go buy another pregnancy test and take it again. I told her NO…just wait until Monday for heaven’s sake!

mels convo1

She doesn’t think I’m as funny as I think I am.

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