Conversations Around The Text Thread

My daughter in law sent me a video of my very super adorable granddaughter working diligently to remove her diaper and pajama pants. She's decided that pantsless is the best way to be. DIL: You can tell she is out of breath in the beginning....I die every time I hear her little sigh. Me: Well, … Continue reading Conversations Around The Text Thread

Safe To Say

The end of the year is closing in quickly. The annual goals have... well, they've been sort of forgotten since June when my daughter moved back into town. My workouts have been few and far between. I still track my food every day (300 days consecutive MyFitness Pal informed me this morning). But that is … Continue reading Safe To Say


Maddox. Oh, Maddox. My friends off the grid thinks he's the best because he keeps Melissa on her toes so much. Last night they were over. Running around the deck. Following Grandpa everywhere Grandpa went. Up and down the stairs. Around the yard. Releasing energy. Time to go. Mel: C'Mon, Maddox. Time to go. Maddox: … Continue reading Mara-isms


Only Maddox. But Maddox-isms doesn't flow quite as well. Grandkid-isms? Awkward. So, from here to eternity, all grandkid goodies will be Mara-isms. Last Saturday we returned from St. Louis to find Mark and a couple of his friends doing "guy stuff" at our place off the grid. One of the friends is VERY grey. Maddox … Continue reading Mara-isms


Monday and Wednesday are my days that Michelle has always come to my house to hang out. The dogs get a chance to play with each other. I get a little Michelle time. It's been a workable schedule for years. Then Melissa moved home. I've put her on the same schedule as Michelle because Momma … Continue reading Mara-isms