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Conversations With Mara (re: Mom)

Mara's birthday is tomorrow. We had her party at our place off the grid last weekend. MY mom came out for it. So there was Mara. Mara's Mom. Mara's Grandma. Mara's Great-Grandma. Explain how all that works to a four year old. Melissa: "Mara, this is you Great-Grandma. You can still just call her Grandma,… Continue reading Conversations With Mara (re: Mom)

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Conversations With Mara

I could probably make "conversations with Mara" into a series. That child. She is a talker! And she takes everything very literally. She's four. She doesn't quite understand sarcasm yet. Since she arrived she has been asking me what the grey kitty's name is. I keep telling her, "It's Smokey." Then she goes, "Hi, Smokey."… Continue reading Conversations With Mara