Well, my pretties! It’s been a year today since I had my last surgery to fix the  the Pelvic Organ Prolapse issues. One year!! I can hardly believe it. Of course, you have to add to that one year the two years previous when I originally went in to have this issue fixedt. Plus a few years of symptoms before I even went in, and it has been an excruciatingly long haul.

2005 is when I first started noticing symptoms. Not severe. Just that something was … off.

2007 is when I noticed that things weren’t just off, but there was something wrong.

What does it say about me that it wasn’t until 2010 before I spoke to a doctor about it? And what does it say about me that after originally speaking to the doctor about it I waited another three months before finally going under the knife?

When the doctor punctured my bladder trying to complete my hysterectomy I thought I probably deserved that for putting things off for so long. But, as you know, all’s well that ends well. And one year post-final surgery, things are going well. I still have a ton of work to do to get strong again, but I finally feel like myself again. A fat, weak version of myself, but still….more normal than I’ve felt for a LONG time.

This was me a year ago!


Sorry. I don’t know how to rotate the damned thing once I load it. You get the idea.

And now…a year later:

All upright and everything. Whoot.

All upright and everything. Whoot.