Cat Scratch Fever

Some of you already know this story. But three days after it actually happened, I’m still chuckling at it so that says to me that it’s worth repeating.

The other night we brought Tippy into the house. He HATES with a passion the young cats. Smokey has never seen another cat but Bandit. Well, at least since we rescued him when he was six weeks old.  He and Bandit play all the time. Sometimes when I go down to feed the dogs and Tippy, Smokey will look out the door into the shop and see Tippy and he’s totally intrigued. Tippy, on the other hand, hisses and spits and growls whenever he sees Smokey staring at him.

Anywho…Mark decides that he wanted to snuggle with Tippy for a while so he brought him into the house. He hissed and spit the whole time at Smokey because Smokey RAN up the stairs behind Mark trying not to lose sight of this fantastic big cat! Mark came in the TV room and shut the door so that Tippy would relax. He snuggled with us, but would hiss every now and again towards the door when curious kitty paws would reach underneath.

Poor Smokey. He was beside himself wanting in the room with the big cat. After a couple of hours worth of snuggling with Tippy he was showing signs of wanting to go outside. So I went into the living room so I could video his escape from the young-cat-infested-house.

Check it out.

OMG. On top of the trauma from being bit in the ass as he ran down the hall, we recently changed out the screen door so it opens from a different side than what Tippy is used to. He sat there yowling next to the door, not realizing that I already had it opened. I guess he will always be an outside kitty.

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