Got in bed last night ready for a peaceful sleep.

But then….

  • Onto the bed
  • Pouncepouncepounce on the foot
  • Run up the hip
  • Around my head and across my pillow
  • Over my face and off the bed
  • Up on the nightstand
  • To my face – licklicklick my nose
  • Under the cover, pretending to want to snuggle
  • Out of the covers and onto the floor
  • Up on the foot of the bed
  • Pawpawpawpaw trying to get under the covers
  • Crunch – teeth through the comforter onto my baby toe
  • Up to the head of the bed, purring “petmepetmepetme”
  • Irritated momma arm flies out from under the cover shoving furball to the floor

Moral of this story?


IMG_1712 IMG_1896