Got in bed last night ready for a peaceful sleep.

But then….

  • Onto the bed
  • Pouncepouncepounce on the foot
  • Run up the hip
  • Around my head and across my pillow
  • Over my face and off the bed
  • Up on the nightstand
  • To my face – licklicklick my nose
  • Under the cover, pretending to want to snuggle
  • Out of the covers and onto the floor
  • Up on the foot of the bed
  • Pawpawpawpaw trying to get under the covers
  • Crunch – teeth through the comforter onto my baby toe
  • Up to the head of the bed, purring “petmepetmepetme”
  • Irritated momma arm flies out from under the cover shoving furball to the floor

Moral of this story?


IMG_1712 IMG_1896

2 thoughts on “C-C-C-Razy

  1. But at least they’re cute assholes 🙂

    Merlin let me sleep until 6:15 today instead of waking me at 5 like he usually does. If he didn’t snuggle into me when I went to bed I wouldn’t be so quick to forgive him.

    • I should have known Bandit was tricking me last night about the snuggling because it’s normally 3:30am when she climbs under the covers. She stays there until my alarm goes off. Normally, she and Smokey are chasing after each other up and down the hallway, NOT up and down me and my bed. 🙂

      And they are TOTALLY cute assholes!

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