May As Well Be Drinking

Sometimes I chuckle when I look at the routes that I run.


This was a down and back. And down and back. And halfway down and back route. One would think that it would be a straight line. One would be wrong!

I was reading the other day about running surfaces. They (whoever “they” is) recommended switching up the type of surface that you run on in order to avoid overuse injuries. It made total sense to me since I’ve been dealing with a nagging plantar fasciitis issue. I always go to the same park to run because it’s my favorite place in the city. I always run the same direction at the park. I always run the same mileage at the park. I’m pretty much stuck in a rut. Creature of habit. God forbid I step outside my little box.

The theory behind running on different surfaces is that your feet land differently in the grass than they do on concrete than they do on dirt than they do on asphalt. They also recommend not running in the same shoes every day. Again. Logical to my brain.

As I started on my run last night (not at the lake, but at another part of the greenway) I decided that there was something to the theory so I scooched off the concrete path and onto the grass. At some parts the grass has a strange slope so I would veer off one direction or another so that I was still running relatively flat instead of all skeewampus. I tended to watch the ground more when I ran and felt like it messed with my posture a little bit, but for the most part, I could see that it would be beneficial to incorporate trail runs into my schedule. Especially on my days when I have a long, steady run. I wouldn’t want to run on an uneven surface during my speed work, but that’s only one day a week. I think I’ll be adding this little tweak to my schedule and run on a different surface for one of my runs during the week.

Going off the path makes for an interesting route map. When I got home and was going over my stats on my computer my husband chuckled at the sporadic nature of the route. I laughed and said, “Yeh, I may as well be drinking!”

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