To Be Fair…

Life isn’t fair. It never has been. It never will be.

Sometimes it is difficult to watch the unfairness, though. I’ve been catching up on my Ellen shows for the week and she interviewed a young gentleman on today’s show who has been in the news recently. Ryan Andresen is a Boy Scout who has completed all the requirements for his Eagle Scout. It’s a lot of work and worthy of recognition. However, this young man will not receive his Eagle Scout Award. The sole reason he won’t get his Eagle? He’s gay. *gasp*

My nephew was awarded his Eagle award a little over a year ago and he worked so hard to get all the requirements completed. I can’t imagine him being denied his award because his eyes were blue. Or he was too tall. Or he has freckles. If you do the work, you should receive the accolades. End of discussion!

I’m so aggravated by this whole thing. After going through all the requirements and then the BSA somehow “found out” that he was gay just sounds fishy to me. I watched the interview on the Ellen Show and I’m pretty certain that a LOT of people knew long before he began working on on his Eagle. Why would you let someone go through the whole process and then tell them no? I think about the wasted years working towards this goal only to have his efforts discounted because of his sexuality.

The intolerance drives me nuts. In the 90s, Ellen had a sitcom that was hilarious. I was married to my ex at that time. When the Ellen character came out of the closet back then my husband banned the show in our house. It did not matter that it was still funny. It was the exact same show as we had watched for a long time. But because she was gay we weren’t allowed to watch it???? How does that even make sense? It’s that same mentality that abounds in the BSA. Ryan is the same young man after completing the requirements as he was when he began the requirements. Nothing changed!! GAH!

This topic gets me all ranty and stabby!

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