Three Minutes

Week three, day 1 of Couch to 5k!! Do you believe I’ve made it through two full weeks of this? Some days I can’t believe it. I made it through the 90 second intervals last week and this morning when I looked at the program to see what today held in store I saw that there were two 3 minute segments.


How on earth was I supposed to run for three whole minutes. I’ve been sucking wind after each 90 second interval so I was fairly certain that three minutes would kill me.

Here I am! Alive and well. I didn’t die. I did my brisk walk warm up, ran the first 90 second stint, walked 90 seconds, then it was time for my three minutes. I felt alright for a bit and then suddenly I wasn’t. I wanted to stop. I was having a difficult time getting some sort of breathing rhythm down. I had that internal battle where I think it’ll be OK to just walk a little bit early. But I didn’t stop. I pushed through it. The app finally went, “Brrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg, begin walking.” Then it’s three minutes walking, back to the 90 second run/90 second walk, and then another three minutes. I had a pretty good idea where I would be at the end of the three minutes because I was at the lake path so I kept my eye on that spot. I hit the spot and still no bell and pleasant voice telling me I could walk again. So I kept going. And going. And going. Until I could go no further and I began walking. I pulled my phone out to look at the time remaining. 36 seconds! Well, fuck a duck, I can do anything for 36 seconds, so I began running again and finished out the three minute interval. The last three minutes of walking before I could start on my cool down. I was sooooo grateful for that walk!! It was a tough workout today. Mentally more so than anything, I think.

Wednesday I’ll do the treadmill to keep me on a better pace. I can feel me running slower each interval and I don’t know if that is helpful. Plus it’s supposed to be triple digits outside on Wednesday and I’m afraid I’ll keel over, so I’ll keep it indoors.

While this program is very difficult for me (a huge challenge), I love the way I feel after I’ve completed the task. My muscles feel strong. My core feels solid. I feel totally svelte! And then I look in the mirror and see this:

Dudes! That is me SUCKING. IT. IN!!!!!

*Le sigh*

I know. I know. It takes time, and my body has been through the wringer the past couple of years, and I need to be patient and let the process work, but it’s still depressing when I see all o’ that looking back at me from the mirror! I just have to keep on keepin’ on….three minutes at a time.

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