Health and Fitness

Got Gratification?

How does one do a task without a reward at the end? Or set a goal without an endgame plan?

I was thinking about this as I was torturing myself on the treadmill. I was talking with one of my sisters the other day (one who happens to be a runner) and we were discussing my C25K program. She asked if I was registered for a race and I told her that I hadn’t planned on signing up for a race until I was actually sure that I could run. Getting back into the swing of things after two years of virtually zero activity has left me feeling very unsure of my abilities with anything of a physically active nature. So I haven’t signed up for any races.

Before I did my workout this evening I had to tend to my garden. With 101 degree heat and a blast furnace blowing while working, it was all I could do to convince myself that I needed to go down and run. I forced myself down to the treadmill and pondered what the endgame was supposed to be. Perhaps a race. Maybe I’ll try to find one for the fall. But then I had another thought. Something to make the pain worthwhile. And you all may think this sounds so stupid, but what I wouldn’t give for an hour long deep tissue massage at my favorite spa. I never treat myself because it’s a little pricey, but damn it! I am going to get a massage!!

Look out, Sven. Here I come!!!


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