Tumb-a-lin’ Tumb-a-lin’ Down

Do you remember how I told you all about how great I was feeling, and how I was gaining more confidence in being able to push myself a little harder? Do you remember how happy I sounded to be actively working out again?

Forget about all that!

It was premature jubilation!

Wednesday about 1pm I crashed. And I crashed hard! It was like all this progress I was feeling, and stamina I was gaining just came tumbling down around me. I hit a wall face first. I was so exhausted at work Wednesday afternoon that I could barely function. I went and got a pedicure after work with every intention of doing my cardio dance DVD when I got home (I can do that barefoot). I had to go to the grocery store before heading home, but my plan when I woke up Wednesday morning was to go to work, get a pedicure, do my grocery shopping, and then do my workout later in the evening while Mark was at his game.

Got my work day done.

Got my pedicure done.

Got my shopping done.

Got home and crashed. I was in bed by 9pm. I didn’t go to sleep but I was curled up in my blanket catching up on my Ellen shows for the week. I was exhausted. I couldn’t move. My body completely failed me. But it wasn’t just my body. It was my mind that was numb as well. It’s a sad day when mind and body go down at the same time. Normally one can encourage the other, but not this time. Just stick a fork in me because I was done.

Mark got home from volleyball to find me in bed and he looked concerned. I never go to bed that early. He asked if I was OK. I told him I was just so tired. He goes, “You’ve been hitting it pretty hard. Do you think that’s smart?” I couldn’t respond because I was fighting back the tears that were stinging my eyes. He said, “What happened to the plan of just walking until you were at least 12 weeks post-op?” I said, “But it felt soooooo good to work out.” He rolled his eyes at me. He knows how I am. I don’t do much of anything half way.

Gotta get back to just walking!

So now I have to get back on track. I need to stick to the “just walking” thing until my body has had more of a chance to heal. I need to remember that I had some pretty major surgery and that I’m not going to just bounce back overnight. I can’t count the number of people that have said, “You just need to be patient.” Yup…because THAT is one of my strong suits.

I’m back on track now. Back to just walking. Because I can’t take another wall tumbling down on me.

6 thoughts on “Tumb-a-lin’ Tumb-a-lin’ Down

  1. Oh no Cristy. Take care…..baby steps. Its totally okay to take baby steps, ’cause you know, walls tumbling down are not good. I am on track finally…lost the same three pounds I lost and gained two weeks ago, but I’m in the right direction. I now have a crappy cold and its pouring so no walking today. I keep thinking I want to run, but I honestly feel that I need to lose 20 pounds first……so working on it. Getting older sucks, but I have decided that I kind of gave up awhile back and that its just an excuse…..onward and upward.

    • I hear ya on the 20 pounds thing. I can feel it in my knees when I run and know that it’ll be much less painful when I’m 20 pounds lighter. I also need to do some major strength training for my quads and calves. That’ll help, too. I ran a few laps last night at the Y but mostly just walked. I need to get a new pair of running shoes because I was getting charlie horses in my arches last night when I got in bed. Not only am *I* falling apart, but my shoes are as well. 🙂 *sigh*

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