My brother posted a picture for Throw Back Thursday of some of my younger siblings taking a break with Dad after working all morning on a project. The picture made me smile. And then the comments that were posted just got me all weepy and missing him.

It’s been months since he died. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. Sometimes it feels like an eternity. Regardless of all that, the pain does not lessen. At what point does it ebb?

At what point will I be able to let go and change my FB profile picture?

At what point will the random tears at work stop? Weird, random tears.

At what point do I hear certain songs, LOTS of songs, and not instantly begin crying?

There are some days that go by where I don’t even think about him. Life seems pretty normal. And there is really no rhyme or reason to what makes me think of him and miss him so horribly. Today is one of those days.


He always loved having his daughters around. Even at the end. Or maybe ESPECIALLY at the end.