Getting Started

Today officially begins my 10K training. Well, technically it was yesterday, but the training plan started off with a rest day as Day 1. Weird, but OK. I spent a couple of hours Sunday morning going through my workout plan for July. I made some tweaks to it based on what the runs are actually supposed to be. When I first made my July plan I just put to “see Garmin’s website” as a task. So it needed some tweaking. I needed to add exactly what I was going to do so that I knew what kind of strength work would be appropriate. That was step one in beginning my training.

Week 01 Day 02 was pretty easy.

Intervals – Run 5 minutes at Z2 level (easy pace); Walk 5 minutes; Repeat twice. 10 – 15 minute cool down. Stretch. So, yeh…nothing that I couldn’t easily handle. Day 04 will be the same. Day 06 will be almost the same, but with three repeats instead of two.

I was actually very excited to get up and go run before work. I’m NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, but we’ve been under heat advisories for the past week so I figured I’d better get out there before I croaked.

The excitement turned, though, after receiving a text from my youngest sister saying that my dad’s decline over the weekend since she’s been there has been drastic. She’s a nurse and said that he is very clearly in the last stage of life and expects that this is the week. She cancelled her flight to return home and informed her work that she wouldn’t be there this week. We texted back and forth for about an hour last night before I went to bed and I wondered whether I’d be getting up this morning to go for my run or to start the two+ hour drive to my dad’s house.

I had no problem getting out of bed when the alarm went off. I’d spent a good majority of the night tossing and turning and not sleeping. The alarm was a welcomed relief from that mess. I got my run in, did some yoga, and just breathed for a moment. Got the text from my sister that Dad made it through the night, although it was pretty rough for them, too.

It’s been hard to get started on a workout plan. I’ve pushed back my start date three different times because of my dad’s illness and I was needed elsewhere. But now, I have to just get started and make it work around whatever may come. I’m at the very last possible moment that I can begin the training program and be able to complete it prior to my race. This leaves me no room for error (or injuries…c’mon, Body, don’t let me down).

All of this is to say – Day 2 is complete! Onward and upward.

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