But not Mara.

And not Maddox.

And Aiden wasn’t there.


Last night was candy making night at my house. The kids love to help me in the kitchen so I thought it made sense to do my traditional candy making while they were there to help. Yes, I know it. I’m a little crazy for letting them help. But how else does one learn if not by helping?

I was getting ready to do a white chocolate batch of fudge and stupidly did that after doing a dark chocolate batch, so I needed the stirring spoon rinsed off so I didn’t discolor the fudge. I handed it to Melissa and asked her to rinse it off. The water ran and ran and ran and she goes, “It’s not coming off.” Odd. So I walked over to see what the problem might be.

“MELISSA! Chocolate does not melt in cold water!!!”

That’s my girl!

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