A Welcome Relief

About two months ago Melissa got word that her and her husband were being transferred to Hawaii. I don’t know about you, but my response was “OH MAH GAWD, HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Her response was, “But I’ve never been this far away from home and what happens if I have an accident and end up in the hospital and it’s not like North Carolina where you could just hop in your car and be there the next day and oh my god THERE’S AN OCEAN BETWEEN US and I’ll never see you again and I could die alone and you’d never know it and what about Christmas because we were going to go to my in-laws but now we can’t do that and we’ll have to spend Christmas all alone without any family and I can’t believe they’re doing this to us!!!!!”



Clearly, we have different perspectives on this transfer. Christmas in Hawaii. God, that sounds like heaven to me.

After phone calls every day in the same run-on sentence nature, she and her husband flew out Saturday and landed safely on the island. She called me very bleary-eyed on Sunday and said in the sleepiest, groggiest voice ever, “It’s 5:30am and I’m awake. What the fuck, Hawaii!?” I’d give you the run-on sentence version of that conversation, but I don’t have the energy for it. Suffice it to say that it was every bit as dooms-dayish as before.

Then there was today! I woke up to this picture in a text message:


“Sorry about the horrible pictures. It’s cloudy. But the sand is SO  SOFT and SMOOSHY! The water is crystal clear and warm. I can’t wait for you to get your mama butt out here!”

Um. Yeh. What a horrible picture! DUDE, you’re killin’ me!  Then there was this one:


“Oh and you think the sunsets in Arizona are nice?? OMG, they are NOTHING compared to here.”  I realize that’s not a sunset picture, but I’m sure I’ll get some.

Her whole demeanor today was different. She was able to see her dog. He’s in quarantine for 120 days. It’s standard procedure. She has been freaking about him because he’s never been away from her that long since she got him. The flight over for him had her freaking out, too. She was able to visit him yesterday evening and that made all the difference in the world. He is in a great facility during his quarantine. Has plenty of room in his kennel. Has lots of doggy buddies that he can “talk to” throughout the day. A fabulous staff to take him for walks. Hell, he probably has it better in the quarantine facility than he’s ever had it anywhere else. Seeing her dog happy helped her to relax immensely.

Now all that’s left for her to do is get her housing situated and I’m sure she’ll relax completely. For now, I’m glad to receive excited texts and phone calls instead of a “the sky is falling” variety. What an exciting adventure she has ahead of her!

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