Calling All Smurfs

On my cruise last month we stopped at Curacao – my first time there. As we wandered around the port area at the end of the day we stopped at a little roadside bar to get a drink, sit and relax, listen to the waves, listen to the music. I got a blue daquiri – new to me. I’ve never had Blue Curacao before, but it’s so pretty I thought I’d give the daquiri a whirl.


Fast forward a month and I’m getting ready for a big event at our place off the grid. I have the task of making butt-loads of jello shots so, with the help of my daughter & daughter in law, I got some ideas for different flavors of shots.

Then I went shopping yesterday.

Went about the rest of my day. Got my workout done. Straightened up the house. Snuggled the dogs. Sat in the hot tub. You know…the usual Sunday activities.

Shortly before bed, the Blue Curacao was calling to me, so I did a quick search for blue daquiris and went to town mixing it up.

  • 1 shot rum
  • 2 shots lime juice
  • 2 shots blue curacao (or maybe you add a 3rd shot – who could ever know)
  • Shake it up, pour it in a glass, top it off with tonic water, club soda, sprite…whatever you have in your house (I used tonic water). SUPER DELICIOUS!

And then in the morning….

You unexpectedly shit out Papa Smurf!

(No pictures of that…you’re welcome.)

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