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Hot Chocolate & Other Such Nonsense

Know what I did? I ran a 15K! And when I say "ran" what I really mean is "ran/walked/wanted to crawl" a 15K. But I did it. And I have THOUGHTS about it. I know you're shocked!! My cheerleader, Garmin, was thrilled with my accomplishment, and posted a bright, shiny trophy for me.   My… Continue reading Hot Chocolate & Other Such Nonsense

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Horse-Cart Cart-Horse

My propensity for this is overwhelming: I have a race in four weeks (or less). It's a distance I've never run before. 15K. 9.3 miles. Daunting. Overwhelming. Scary. My focus has been all about this race. I've been doing the thing that I do before every big event. I've been putting the work in that… Continue reading Horse-Cart Cart-Horse