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How To Ease Into Life

Easy step by step instructions on easing into a workout routine: Walk two laps slowly to get blood flowing to the muscles (each lap is 1/14 of a mile). Stretch out really well on the bar next to the track. Walk two laps at a moderate to fast pace. Run two laps. Walk one lap.… Continue reading How To Ease Into Life

Random Thoughts

Wastin’ Away Again!

Two posts in one day. Not normal for me. I do good to get one post out during the week. But I couldn't resist this: One of my girls posted this recipe (thanks, @HeatherO): 12 oz. frozen limeade 12 oz. frozen lemonade 1 c. water 1 c. tequila (for the record, I used 2 c.… Continue reading Wastin’ Away Again!