When Freak Outs Happen

I would like to think that I'm at the end of my freak outs. I mean, with just a few days to go, what else is there to freak out about. Right? My two sisters and I have had a non-stop text thread exchange happening for months now. Last week my one sister texted: Well, … Continue reading When Freak Outs Happen

One Week

It's done. The training. The planning. The stressing. The freak outs. All of it. Done! One week from today I will be on the course of the Doxa Threelay. Since March 6th: Just shy of 400 miles on the bike. Right at 115 miles of running. Barely 8 miles of swimming. Almost 100 miles of … Continue reading One Week


Finagling a workout plan can be tricky for me during the summer months. Because of my race, I'm not taking to the treadmill when days get hot like I normally do because I need to adjust to running in crazy, ridiculous, insane heat. However, I'm a wuss when it comes to extreme weather. Be it … Continue reading Conundrums