Monday and Wednesday are my days that Michelle has always come to my house to hang out. The dogs get a chance to play with each other. I get a little Michelle time. It's been a workable schedule for years. Then Melissa moved home. I've put her on the same schedule as Michelle because Momma … Continue reading Mara-isms


Climb Every Mountain

Running has clearly not been at the top of my mind lately. Normally, the moment I'm done with a race I'm off to the internet to find my race pictures. Here we are, nearly a month past my last race and I just now got around to looking for my pics. And I only want … Continue reading Climb Every Mountain


My really freaking stinking super cute grandkids (and their parents) have moved into my town. This opens up a wide array of stories to tell. They say the funniest, oddest, strangest things and I have forgotten how brutally honest kids can be. I'm sure at some point there will be Maddox stories, but at this … Continue reading Mara-isms