RBF Strikes Again

Let's face it. I have a chronic condition of RBF. Resting Bitch Face, in case you aren't fluent in acronyms. This is not a new condition. When I was in Junior High I got off the bus one day and was walking home like I did every day. A guy who had ridden the same … Continue reading RBF Strikes Again


That Sort Of Day

Saw this today and chuckled. Why IS it so hard? I have to physically stop myself from talking about it. I think I know why. Training is all consuming. We eat, sleep, and breathe working to get ready for a big race. When the race is done, what is left to occupy our minds? The … Continue reading That Sort Of Day

Culmination Of Hell

In the last month there has been a lot of silence. Everywhere. Silence. I think I may have run out of words. Too frustrated to come up with them. Frustration at work. Frustration at my place off the grid. Frustration at our political environment. Frustration with race training. Frustration with health issues. Just....frustration. The culmination … Continue reading Culmination Of Hell