From The Rooftops

I think that I could hang out at the top of Ann's place for a very long time just taking in the view. As much as I could never live in the city, I totally LOVE going into the city and breathing in the atmosphere. It's fantastic!  


I've always loved clouds. There's a large window in front of my desk at work and as I see the clouds, I contemplate whether it'll be a good sunset or a mediocre sunset. As I left work last night I knew it would be a great sunset. And I was right. However, I had gone … Continue reading Cloudy

Lighten Up

My sister is a fantastic photographer. And she's a creative photographer. She likes to step outside the box and try new things. I think her favorite thing to do when she's not shooting landscapes is to play with light. She joined me off the grid last weekend and we went out to the lake after … Continue reading Lighten Up