Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Day 1 (actually, day 1/2 since I still have a run this evening) started off with a bang. Or a bungle. Either way, I was out of bed before 6am. That NEVER happens! I'm not a morning workout person. Never have been. But I am so far out of race condition that it has become … Continue reading Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Climb Every Mountain

Running has clearly not been at the top of my mind lately. Normally, the moment I'm done with a race I'm off to the internet to find my race pictures. Here we are, nearly a month past my last race and I just now got around to looking for my pics. And I only want … Continue reading Climb Every Mountain

Culmination Of Hell

In the last month there has been a lot of silence. Everywhere. Silence. I think I may have run out of words. Too frustrated to come up with them. Frustration at work. Frustration at my place off the grid. Frustration at our political environment. Frustration with race training. Frustration with health issues. Just....frustration. The culmination … Continue reading Culmination Of Hell


It's my recovery week. This means that I allow my body to recover. The trick here is to get the brain to accept that there is plenty of time in the training plan to allow this to happen. Therein lies the problem. Last week was an excellent training week. I accomplished nearly ALL of what … Continue reading Exhaustion

Happy Running

  Guess who ran HAPPY in the really low humidity on Saturday? This girl! Guess who WALKED up the short, albeit steep AF hill behind me? This girl! Guess who was SUPER glad to be outside on a beautiful morning? This girl! Guess who felt SUCCESSFUL for the first time during this training segment? This … Continue reading Happy Running