Good Thing Yer Pretty

At my place off the grid we just sold our old camper and bought a new (to us) toy hauler – a camper & 4-wheeler hauler all in one. It’s smaller than what we had, but is more open – so more room for the dogs. And as we ALL KNOW, it’s all about the dogs!

When my husband found the toy hauler it was on another lot at our place of the grid. After a lot of wheeling and dealing, we decided to just buy the three lots, the pavilion, and the toy hauler in a bundle so that we could get the toy hauler for the best possible price. A little stressful having additional lots, but in the long run we should make a good profit when we turn around and sell the lots once the camper is moved.


Last week my husband finished unloading everything out of the old camper so the new owner could take possession and get it off our lot. All that was left was the wooden deck/stairs that went up into the camper. A little bare and sad looking until we could get the new camper moved up. No camper. Just a set of stairs going nowhere.

This weekend we planned on staying in the toy hauler (since our camper at our lots was gone), and then get the new camper moved up to our normal lots when we could find someone with a 5th wheel truck to pull it. No big deal. Right?

As you know by now, Mack is not the sharpest tool in the shed. And he doesn’t deal well with change. Mark and I were having drinks at our friend’s cabin and I got back to the camper around midnight. Since we weren’t at our normal lot I decided I’d better leash Mack up to take him to go potty. He would NOT GO.  He just zig zagged all over sniffing at everything. So I thought I’d “take him for a walk” since he will normally go when we take a walk. We walked up and down the gravel roads of the park waiting for him to find a good spot to just go. He had not gone potty since we left home at 5pm, so I knew he needed to go.

Walk, walk, walk. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Whine, whimper, and whine some more. He was so discombobulated. I was getting more and more irritable as I wandered aimlessly around the park after midnight.  I finally put him in the truck, drove him across the park to our normal lots, and let him out. He ran right down to his normal potty place and pottied for a very long time!

I headed back to the truck and he zipped right past me up to where the old camper used to be, ran up the stairs, and sat down to wait for me. I hollered at him to load up but he would have nothing to do with it. He sat on that deck waiting for me to let him into a non-existent camper.

I had to put his leash on him and walk him down to the truck so he could load up. On our drive back to the unfamiliar lots he laid his chin on my shoulder. I just patted him on his head and told him for the gazillionth time…

Good thing you’re pretty!

Last weekend as an in-tact dog! Poor boy.


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