Only Maddox. But Maddox-isms doesn’t flow quite as well. Grandkid-isms? Awkward.

So, from here to eternity, all grandkid goodies will be Mara-isms.

Last Saturday we returned from St. Louis to find Mark and a couple of his friends doing “guy stuff” at our place off the grid. One of the friends is VERY grey. Maddox saw Mark and goes, “HEY, it’s Grandpa! And Grandpa’s dad.”

And the crowd went wild.

For the rest of the day Mark called his BFF Dad. Maddox is a huge hit around that place. One of our friends said, “He’s my favorite – he’s got that devil in his eyes!” He WILL end up being the devil with all the encouragement he gets from the boys off the grid.

Don’t let the peace & calm of this picture fool you.

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