Melissa has a couple of weeks before her husband finishes up with the Marines and is home for good. This means I’ve been helping her a lot. A LOT.

Yesterday’s task was mowing the lawn. It has not been mowed since they moved in – June 3rd. I needed a baler instead of mower.

At my house, in my nice, level yard, I cut grass on a riding mower. Mara and Maddox always climb on thre riding mower with me.

At Melissa’s house, in her nice, hilly overgrown yard, I cut with a push mower.

I was sweating my ass off cutting grass when Mara comes outside to say hi and get a hug. She held onto my hand and said, “I’d like to hold your hand while you’re lawning.”

Yeh, it doesn’t work that way with a push mower.

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