Monday and Wednesday are my days that Michelle has always come to my house to hang out. The dogs get a chance to play with each other. I get a little Michelle time. It’s been a workable schedule for years.

Then Melissa moved home. I’ve put her on the same schedule as Michelle because Momma needs her alone time! And so far it’s been working out well except for one thing. My workouts have been suffering. Well, suffering isn’t a strong enough word. They’ve been non-existent.

I informed the girls on Wednesday that I WOULD be doing my run and they could take the kids to play on the playground while I got my workout in. They both agreed that it was a good idea. But then the kids didn’t want to play on the playground. They wanted to go on “Grandma’s run path.” So they sauntered around the lake, and every time I’d pass them the kids would say, “Can I run with you grandma??” Sorry, little dudes. Grandma is slow, but not quite that slow.

So I got my run in.

When we got home I snuck into the back room to get my post-run yoga done. Next thing I know, there’s Mara asking if she can share my mat with me so she can do yoga, too. I told her she would have to use the carpet since there was only room for one person on my mat. When I was in toes pose, hand to heart, breathing, Mara assumed the position and after a few deep breaths said,

“We’re calming ourselves, aren’t we, Grandma?”

“Yes, Mara, we’re calming ourselves.”

I stayed in that pose, eyes closed, just breathing when I hear her little voice again,

“Grandma, would you tell me when you change positions so that I can keep my eyes closed with you?”

“Yes, Mara. I’ll let you know.”

A few more deep breaths,

“Grandma, can I sit on my butt instead of my knees?”

“Yes, Mara. Do what feels right to you.”

“OK, grandma. Don’t forget to tell me when you move so I can keep my eyes closed.”

For half an hour she stayed with me. Move for move. Breath for breath. Occasionally Maddox would come in and do a few unrecognizable poses, but Mara was on task. Calming ourselves. When we were done she said, “Grandma, we should do yoga together every day.”

Last night, for reasons I won’t get in to, Maddox and Mara spent the night. Mara was up at 4:30 to get some snuggle time. So Grandma was awake at 4:30, trying to sleep with a wriggly child snuggled in tight. Finally at 6 we got up. Got breakfast. Got coffee (well, I did – Mara got milk). Got ready for work and daycare.

Mara said, “Grandma, we should do our yoga today.”

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