Global Running Day 2019

Got up before work to make sure that I got a run in on this Global Running Day. The girls will be at my house tonight to bake a cake, so I feel fairly confident that if I didn’t do my run this morning that it wouldn’t get done. I haven’t missed a run on Global Running Day for years and I certainly was not going to start now.

So…my run is done! My hips are sore, but other than that I feel good. God, I’m slow!!!! It’s amazing to me how long it takes to build up speed and endurance, and how quickly it all goes to shit if you don’t work on it. I’m basically starting at square one with the running. Pretending I’ve never run a day in my life so that I don’t injure myself. My IT band still isn’t quite feeling 100%, but it hurts much less than it did in December so I’m calling it a win.

Ten miles in the last five days probably isn’t the best way to ease back into the running thing, so this will be my last run of the week. I’m doing some kayaking with a friend on Saturday in lieu of my scheduled run, and I’m completely fine with making that adjustment to my schedule. Anything that isn’t sitting on the couch is pretty much an OK adjustment to my workout plan these days. Weird how I’ve learned to go with the flow and make adjustments without freaking out. This is progress, folks!

See my sweet running companion from this morning!! I think he was more worn out than I was. He hasn’t run with me since before my December race and he kinda got fat over the winter (just like me…weird). But he was SOOOOOO happy to go with me today. My sweet pupper.

Beautiful morning for a run! Are you doing something active today?

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