My really freaking stinking super cute grandkids (and their parents) have moved into my town. This opens up a wide array of stories to tell. They say the funniest, oddest, strangest things and I have forgotten how brutally honest kids can be. I’m sure at some point there will be Maddox stories, but at this point in time I can barely understand the words that come out of his mouth. Mara, on the other hand is VERY clear in her speech.

This morning I was up earlier than normal. Just wasn’t tired. So I pressed the button for the coffee to start brewing right away instead of waiting until its normally scheduled time to brew and then headed into the TV room to do a little morning yoga. Felt good to be awake in a really quiet house because the last few days have been anything but quiet and restful. Finished up yoga. Poured some coffee. Still too early to consider getting into the shower. I mean really…god forbid I actually be on time to work. We can’t have that nonsense happening. It would set a bad precedent. So. Coffee on the deck with a big dog lying at each side.

Enter Mara.

She went to climb in bed and snuggle for a bit like she does every morning when she’s at my house, but my side of the bed was empty. So she nudges Grandpa. “Where’s Grandma?” He didn’t know so he got out of bed (shirtless, as is his normal sleeping attire) and went to help her find me. Into the TV room. No Grandma. Into the living room. No Grandma. As they walked into the kitchen she spotted me on the deck. “GRANDMA!!!” And she ran to the door. Grandpa opened the door and she turned to him, as if seeing him for the first time, and said, “Why are you fat?”


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