The Struggle Is Real

Why is it so easy to just…quit? Why isn’t it as easy to keep pushing forward?

A couple of months ago I talked about my frustration with my workouts and my lack of motivation to even get out the door. I keep thinking, Oh…it’s getting better. I’m doing fine. I’m getting workouts in. There is no problem.

The truth is I’m just going through the motions. I put half-hearted effort into each workout. I get out the door, but I don’t push myself. Just putting one foot in front of the other and expecting magic to happen. Magic what, I don’t know, but some sort of magic. Some sort of fire to be lit inside me again. I’m pretty meh about running. Very meh about going to a class at the gym. Meh meh meh about lifting a weight. All I want to do is…I don’t know.

This is a very strange head-space for me to be in. I have taken a pretty deep look into what it is that has me in this alternate universe and I can’t pinpoint anything. My life is crazy busy, but it’s always been a veritable rat race and that’s never interfered with my desire to get a workout in.

I look at my workout schedule for the past little bit, and for the most part, I am getting it done, but not really. (dark grey = complete; light grey = skipped)

I’m not really sure what to do. Which is odd, because I don’t ever NOT know what to do.

How do you pull yourself out of a funk? When you’re lacking motivation, what snaps you back into the swing of things? Do I sign up for some races? That’s always kept me motivated towards my workouts before. I don’t know the answer. I keep plugging along, but the “don’t wanna” thing is really strong right now, and I don’t know how to fix that.

2 thoughts on “The Struggle Is Real

  1. 6 days every week is a LOT to commit to and give 100% to all the time. For me at least, when my goal was that high (during the 80 day obsession workout from beachbody) if I missed one day for some reason it’s like I gave myself license to miss another..and another. Have you tried switching to 4-5 workouts/week that are 100% on your schedule that you don’t allow yourself to skip and give 100% to, and then 2-3 days/week of allowing yourself true rest & recovery? I honestly think I know ONE person in my life who successfully follows a 6 day a week workout schedule, and she’s pretty damn obsessive and annoying. LOL

    • Funny because I only count my week as 5 workouts a week because volleyball is a rest day in my brain. It’s recreation so my mind doesn’t see it as working out. 😊 Maybe fewer days of higher intensity and more rest days is a good place to start.

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