Q1 2019 Update

I am happy to say that the first quarter of 2019 has started out exponentially better than the start to 2018. It’s amazing how close I can get to my goals when I’m not spending an entire month sitting in a hospital room. Or nursing an injured ankle. Or dealing with other random stressors that marked nearly the entirety of the quarter last year.

This year I feel fresh. I feel like I’m kind of starting at ground zero after exhausting Fall races and winter illnesses. But still… I feel fresh and rarin’ to go! But at a toned down level as I have been going for the last few years. It feels good, albeit weird, to not be in training mode.

So. Goals for the year.

I came up with my goals a little differently this year than last year since I have no big races planned. I took the number of weeks in the year (52) times 5 workouts a week at an hour a workout. That brought me to 260 hours and 260 activities. I’ve already increased the miles for the year by 100 because I started at 300 miles (no rhyme or reason as to how I came up with that number, it was just my starting point, knowing I could adjust it as I got closer to weather that would allow outside workout).

I’m well behind on my minutes, but I was WELL ahead on the mileage (hence the increase from the original 300). I’d have been closer on minutes if I hadn’t spent the majority of January with the plague, but I feel like I can make up those hours now that it’s warm enough to get on my bike. This means that I’ll probably bumping the mileage number up, as well.

When I was getting my first quarter workout plan created I kind of floundered because I wasn’t training for anything in particular. I knew that I was going to drop a run day and only do two runs per week instead of three but I lacked creativity to even start with a plan. So I turned to Garmin and found a “Getting Started” 16 week plan. I thought that would be perfect because it fluctuates between two and three run days per week and has lots of cross training and biking (not sure why they list them separately) and swimming thrown in for good measure. It was logical and made sense to me. So I applied that to my workout schedule and voila! Training for nothing plan. The first four weeks of the plan were only half hour (tops) workouts. I did not take that into consideration when I was setting my original goals. Oopsie! But I’m OK with it. I’ll make up the minutes or I won’t. Either way, I’m not bothered by it. Ask again in November and we’ll see what kind of freak-outs ensue, but for now…not bothered that I’m behind.

Basically, I’m right on track. I feel good. I feel strong. I don’t feel so burned out like I was beginning to feel last Fall. I’m calling Q1 a complete success.



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