Running With Dogs

It’s my little guy’s birthday today. He’s four.

Mack @ six months – the week before he got neutered.


He’s supposed to be all mellow and laid back and what-not. He’s not. He’s crazy and energetic and everything a Bernese Mountain Dog is NOT supposed to be. My freak-boy.

Being a not-normal-BMD has its benefits. I can take him for runs with me, providing it’s not blistering hot outside. My late-Jake and my current-Bear could in no way go for a run with me. But Mack? He’s rarin’ to go!

Last night I decided to take Mack with me when I headed out the door. He gets super excited and wants to start off racing. At four, he’s still trying to learn impulse control, and he’s just not there yet, so it can be a bit of a chore to calm him down while I do my warm up. But once we set out running, he is happy, happy, happy. He loves it!

The plan last night was to do 2 intervals of 15R/3W. But I knew Mack would want to go all the way to the lake and would be disappointed if I turned back prior to making it there. So I figured I’d do my scheduled workout and then play it by ear.

So many things to check out at the lake, so after I finished my scheduled run I shut the run time off and started a new walk activity with him (because god forbid I miss out on ANY data). He got in the lake. Sniffed around the lake. Sniffed at the trees. Tried to eat goose pooh. Met a couple smaller dogs, and unlike normal, was quite well behaved when meeting them. He just happily pranced and sniffed around the lake before we headed back up the big hill to go home.

That is the joyful part of running with dogs. The happiness that they bring to the workout. The downside… the workout itself isn’t as intense because I like to let him check out all the smells and sounds. If I was training for a big race the birthday boy would not be allowed on my runs. But since I’m not, he’s an awesome companion for me while I hit the pavement.

And then we get home, and he gets back to being his weird, freaky self.

Momma wore me out!

Sprawled out “modestly” under the ceiling fan. Happy birthday, Big Guy!!

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