I did a “restore factory defaults” on my device.

It locked up my device.

I tried everything I knew to do to do a hard reset to power the device off.

Nothing would shut it down.

Went to garmin’s support center.

Started a chat with them.

Got a phone call and 5 million problems at work.

Went back to the chat to find that they’d noticed I wasn’t responding.

Chatted again.

Tried another hard reset.

Worked this time.

Let it sit for about 5 minutes to clear its brains.

Started it back up again and went through the set up process.

Selected GPS for setting my time.

Sat at my desk watching it spin and spin and spin.

Realized that GPS doesn’t work inside a building.

Walked outside to breathe in the sunlight and 50+ degree temperatures while GPS was located.

Back to my desk to sync device with phone.

Wouldn’t connect.

Wouldn’t connect.

Wouldn’t connect.

Removed the device from my app.

Reset my phone.

Re-added device back to the app.

“Failed. Retry?”


“Failed. Retry?”


Third times a charm.

“Failed. Retry?”




FOUR HOURS missing from my data.

But…my Garmin is working again.

Now….how do I fill out my time sheets from work for the last four hours?


2 thoughts on “FOUR HOURS LATER…..

    • My husband was glad I spent the hours troubleshooting instead of rushing to Amazon and buying a new one. Which is not to say I wasn’t on Amazon LOOKING for which one I would be buying. 😉

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