HELLO, WORLD! I’ve been a whole lotta MIA lately. So much going on. Sick for pretty much the entire winter (or so it feels like). Out of whack. Crazy busy. Burned out.

My husband and I went on a very much needed vacation. Since buying the business almost a year ago we have both been burning the candle from all ends, so getting out of the country and into the sunshine for a week was just the medicine required to get us back in synch. We’ve been on auto pilot just taking care of business, which makes it difficult to see outside the blinders.

So we headed into the sunshine. Just the two of us. No large group like we normally vacation with. No distractions. Just me, him, and the Caribbean Sea. It was the perfect combination. We had such a great time. Both of us thought we’d be completely tired of each other by the end of the week, but neither of us were ready to leave and come back home. It was FANTASTIC.

He has been hesitant to leave work for a few years now. We’ve taken small vacations here and there. Long weekends with friends. Visits to the grandkids. But mostly, he’s been completely focused on work and I’ve been completely focused on my duties at our place off the grid. With his late boss being sick quite a bit he didn’t feel like he could leave the store, and I have been hesitant to leave if it means missing a meeting. It took a little doing to bite the bullet and leave the country. For more than a week, no less. It was a bit of an ordeal making the arrangements, but this was, without a doubt, one of the best weeks we’ve ever had.

A friend of ours texted this past week saying that they had a cruise booked for November of this year and I laughed because we just got back. Mark said, “Don’t tell her no right away. Let’s keep this on the table. We’ll see how this year goes at work and maybe do it as an impromptu trip if you have enough PTO remaining.” After I picked myself up off the floor I texted my friend back and let her know that we were in the “maybe” category but not to hold her breath.

Then I caught him trying to look up the cruise.

Him: Where did you say it went?

Me: Jamaica, Cozumel, Grand Caymans.

Him: I’m not finding it.

Me: Did you look under the ship’s itineraries?

Him: Yes, but I’m still not finding it.

Me:  ::pulls out phone, goes to the ship, finds the specific route in less than a minute, shoves my phone in his face::

Him: You said it went to Jamaica!!

Me: Montego Bay is Jamaica!

Him:  ::crickets::

We call this post vacation brain.

So we’re back from vacation. Trying not to get our hopes up too high for another cruise in the Fall. Rejuvenated and ready to tackle life again.

Things to tackle:

  • Work for him
  • Work for me (which means my job plus doing his books)
  • Getting back on track with workouts (THIS is priority number one!!!!! more to come on this front)
  • Volleyball starts back up in March
  • Responsibilities (volunteer stuff) at our place off the grid
  • Baby granddaughter’s first birthday coming up (means a cake to build)
  • Middle daughter and her family (with THREE of my grandbabies) moving back home this spring/summer
  • New grandbaby to welcome into the family this summer (squeee)
  • Visit from daughter #2 this summer (THREE more grandbabies to squeeze during that visit)
  • Some major repairs to get done on the house and yard (NOT looking forward to it)

Mostly, what I have been reminded of after having an amazing vacation with my husband is that with all the things that go on in our busy lives, we need to not lose that connection with each other. It’s too easy to just go about life on remote control and forget about what makes that journey  worth it. We are each others’ number one priority.  It’s good to remember that.


2 thoughts on “Rejuvenation

  1. Love this, and I hope you can make the cruise work as well! We are really focusing on adding fun trips together back into our lives, and it helps so much with my mental & relationship feelings day-to-day. 🙂

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