It’s A Marshmellow World

When I was a kid (in high school) we always had snow days every winter. It’s the way that it was. We’d get FEET of snow multiple times each year. It’s something that we always looked forward to. The first snow day of each year Mom would make homemade donuts and hot chocolate. We kids would play in the snow, get cold, come in and warm up, then start the cycle all over again. The amount of laundry we caused my mother was staggering.

After Mark and I got married (2000) we’d get maybe one good snow storm each year, then a couple of them that were underwhelming.

In the past five years, we have not gotten any measurable snow. A couple inches here and there, but nothing that made me feel like I couldn’t take my car out in it. The last time we had a REALLY big snow was in 2011. We’re coming up on ten years since we’ve had any decent accumulation in the Midwest. Or at least in my section of the Midwest (Central Missouri). Call it global warming. Call it climate change. Whatever you want. The fact of the matter is that we have not had “normal” winters in decades.

When they forecast 5 – 7 inches of snow over the weekend I rolled my eyes and claimed out loud to everyone I spoke to, “I’m from the Show-Me state. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Well, folks! I’m a believer now because I SAW IT!!

My snow boots are a foot tall from the base of the sole to the top of the fur. I went outside with the dogs and walked into the center of my yard to get a good indication of how deep it was. Just based on my boots, that’s 12 inches of snow, not counting whatever I pack under my feet with each step. This picture was taken in the morning while it was still snowing. After this, we got another three to five inches. So we had, what I call, an acceptable mid-Missouri snow storm.

I wondered how Old Bear would do in the snow. With his breeding, I assumed he’d like the snow, but with his age, I wasn’t sure if he would LOVE the snow like Mack does. Well, he liked the snow and headed down the deck stairs into the back yard to inspect everything. The problem came when it was time to go back into the house, and his old cataract covered eyes couldn’t see where one step ended and another began. He stood at the base of the deck and whined as he stared at the stairs. I had to physically help him come up to the top where he could get into the house. So it was a weekend long learning curve for the old boy to figure out the snow covered deck stairs.

They’re both weird dogs…they’re so used to eating outside that if I put their food bowls on the floor in the kitchen they just stare at me like I’ve got five heads. I don’t. But they think I do sometimes.

In parts of my yard the snow came up to where his rabies tag is. In other parts, like where he is in this picture, it just came up to his belly. The old boy had to plow through the snow as he wandered through the yard. My energetic Mack bounded through the snow. Around and around and around he raced through the yard. He’s in dog heaven with the amount of snow that we got. Bear….not so much. He prefers being in the house snuggled up with me, and I don’t complain about that.

The snowfall was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was nostalgic. I wish we’d get a couple snow storms like this every winter. But if this is the last good storm we have for a couple of years, at least I got to enjoy a really good one over the weekend.

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