Jumping Back In

As I’ve gotten older I have tried to be better about listening to my body. This is a struggle most days because I’m not much a one for taking it easy. I’m kind of an “all or nothing” person, which is one of the reasons the creeping crud from hell has hung on so long. As soon as I would start feeling better I would jump back into my normal routine and then have a set back (after set back, after set back).

So here I am…feeling human again. Feeling energetic again. Still with a bit of a headache from residual sinus crap, but still feeling energetic and ALIVE!

I adjusted my normal workout schedule for this week to be a little more moderate (walking & yoga). Here we are at Thursday and I’ve been good to remain on an even keel thus far.

The problem is?

Glad you asked.

The problem is that I want to go for a run, even if it’s a run on the dreadmill.

When I adjusted my workout plan to suit a full recovery from the sinus crap, I had it adjusted for the entirety of this week. BUT….I feel like I’m being too easy on myself by sticking to a walking plan when I want to run. What do I do? Walk? Run? Have a glass of wine? I’m having a hard time determining if my wanting to go for a run is me listening to my body, or me being really impatient with the recovery process.

I was looking over my dreadmill circuit that I want to do this evening (1 minute intense/1 minute recovery intervals with varying inclines and speeds) and think that there is no harm in starting the circuit but giving myself permission to change that workout into a walk if it becomes obvious that it’s too much too soon.

Is that a flawed thought process? Am I better off sticking to the easy workout routine for the remainder of the week and jumping back in next week? Am I being impatient? Do I really feel good enough to do a more intense workout than I’ve done in a month? It’s stupid. I hate when I feel like I don’t know what I should be doing. I just want to jump back into normal life!!

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