Snot And Phlegm

I’m finishing up my fourth full week of the cold from hell. Last night I FINALLY felt almost human. The amount of snot and phlegm I’m still producing is pretty damned spectacular, but I no longer feel like death. Dare I say I’m on the upswing and should be back to 100% before long? I dare not. God forbid I jinx my recovery.

It’s supposed to be mid-50s tomorrow. The grandkids are heading home tomorrow. That means I don’t have to worry about the littles being too cold and I will be opening up ALL my windows and airing out my house in an effort to get rid of all the germs that seem to be growing at an alarming pace. I’ll be bleaching the shit out of the house and washing ALL. THE. THINGS!!! I’m not looking forward to the piles of laundry that the de-bugging effort will produce, but I am so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

The first week of January I do an official “start of the year weigh-in/measurements” so I can keep track of everything. I know that this year I have been less than diligent in my eating habits (which has not really helped me recover from all the snot and phlegm I’ve got going on). I also know that the scale has been consistently going up. So in order to keep with my normal schedule of tracking my progress (or lack thereof) I went ahead and did all my measurements this morning, much to the consternation of my granddaughter who was sitting on the toilet and had to witness her old grandma in bra and underwear measuring all the things. She’ll understand some day.


All I can say is “No bueno!”

It’s been a year of comfort food. And a year of very few vegetables. So I guess if a resolution needed to be made, the resolution would be to eat a goddamned vegetable. A hefty dose of veggies would certainly help to kick the snot and phlegm to the curb.

I mentioned the other day that I’m changing up my workouts a little. When I see the numbers on my spreadsheet I have momentary panic and think I need to just run, run, run but I know that’s a flawed thought process. I have to just breathe and not spiral out of control. Stick to the plan. Eat a damned vegetable. Get healthy. My sole goal this year is to eat more vegetables. Everything else is insignificant to that one goal. Maybe I can undo the damage of the past years worth of comfort foods. Something’s gotta give. I can’t be putting on 10 pounds a year.

Maybe all this snot and phlegm will go away so that I can do a freaking workout!!!


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