Quarterly Updates and Other Such Nonsense

In the past quarter I have done just as much (or more) than I did in the whole first half of the year. Mostly, that is because I was training for the half marathon.

I feel WAY better about where I am in relation to making my goals today than I did last June when I was only 23% complete. I need to complete just under five miles per week in order to make the goal, which isn’t even close to be an overwhelming amount. So I feel good about where I am.

This week is my “catch up on all the wine” week. Or as normal people call it, post half-marathon recovery week (I have a black toenail – I’m officially a runner). Next week I’ll get back into a normal workout routine. Not a training routine because my training routines are rigorous. I’m planning on going for a couple of runs a week. Doing a couple of days a week in the weight room (and I can’t wait!!!). Maybe doing a fun Zumba class on occasion. But mostly, I’m spending the next three months of the year trying to remind myself why I love running, and getting my IT band healthy.

It’s amazing how just making that decision to step back and recover has been such a mental release. Like I can breathe again. I have also decided that I’m not dropping my 15K in December down to a 5K like I talked about earlier this week. I think running a couple of days a week between now and then and getting back into the weight room will be enough to keep me in the condition I need to be in without having to develop a stupid, ridiculous training plan. So I’m tricking my brain into not realizing that I’m training for a race. Yeh. That’ll work. Mind over matter, right?

I’m looking forward to the Fall and Winter. Bizarre. I’m excited for the holidays, which hasn’t happened in years because I’ve been constantly training for something. I just feel…. at ease. At ease with a sore hip. But at ease. It’s nice. And weird.

I’d say my quarterly progress report is good.


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