It’s my recovery week. This means that I allow my body to recover. The trick here is to get the brain to accept that there is plenty of time in the training plan to allow this to happen. Therein lies the problem.

Last week was an excellent training week. I accomplished nearly ALL of what I wanted to accomplish, which is sometimes rare. I felt really good coming into this week. Physically. Mentally, all I could see is that my long run was only 5 miles (+/-) and a half marathon is 13.1 and ohmygodI’mnevergoingtomakeit!!!! So I did the only logical thing – I have had three brutal workouts this week so far. You know – this week that is supposed to be my recovery week.

I dragged myself out of bed, almost literally, and got into the shower. When I raised my arms above my head to wash my hair they began quivering. Seriously, folks, that is so stupid to have trouble washing my hair. I got out of the shower, got dressed, and went into the bathroom to start putting on my makeup and I just….couldn’t. I went into the TV room and plopped down on my recliner, actually considering calling into work and telling them I wouldn’t make it today. Just so tired! I’m sure my 9pm volleyball game did not help the level of exhaustion this morning, but still…my body did NOT want to move. About quarter to eight I pulled myself from the SUPER comfy recliner and threw some makeup on my face, put a clip in my hair (no time to dry it by now), poured my coffee and walked out the door.

Now I sit at the computer regretting the decision to ignore the recovery week. Why are brains so dumb? I’ve poured over my training plan again to see what, if anything, I need to adjust. Turns out the only thing that needs adjusting is my head. After this week there are twelve full weeks before the race. That is PLENTY of time to prepare without driving myself to this point of exhaustion and fatigue where I find myself today. It’s clear that I don’t learn things very quickly. I seem to recall being in this exact state during last year’s training when my sisters adamantly told me YOU NEED TO REST!!!! So I will. More out of necessity than desire. But the rest of this week will be 100% devoted to recovery because my old body can’t keep up.

Stupid brain!

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