Learning To Listen

With age comes wisdom, right? That’s what they say, anyway! Well, I’m trying to gain wisdom, but it’s been a decades long struggle.

The workout plan yesterday was hill repeats. Walk around the lake to warm up the old legs (even though it was hotter than hell outside and ALL THE THINGS were already warm). Six hill repeats. Walk around the lake to cool down (even though that was virtually impossible with the heat index level).

On repeat four I had to stop at the top to catch my breath and try to not puke. Last winter while doing hill repeats I felt a pull in my hamstring on repeat four, but pushed through it to complete the six repeats on the schedule. I paid a dear price for it and the hamstring injury sidelined me for five weeks. Stubborn is as stubborn does.

Last night when I was struggling to not puke I told myself – just two more – just two more. I walked back down the hill to where my gatorade was and took another breath trying to fight the waves of nausea. And thus begins the inner battle. Completing a workout versus the wisdom to listen to my body. Why is that so difficult?

I listened to my body. Took a slow walk around the lake to let things settle in and cool down (as much as possible when it’s triple digits). Then I headed home to properly cool down, stretch out, do yoga, eat. Try to not think freak out about shortening a workout when I have a race I’ve never done before coming up. Remind myself that I created a 16 week plan, knowing that I would be training through the heat and humidity of the summer. I made the plan specifically so that I would have plenty of time to build strength and endurance without injuring my body. So I listened to my body.

Looks like you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Between the red lines is the hill. Run up the hill. Walk down the hill. Jog to the end of the dam and back. Move the water bottles to keep track of how many more repeats there are. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. DIE.

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